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Football Challenges

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Pele 7 Wall Challenge

Football Challenges

Pele 7 Wall challenge

Keep the ball in the air against the wall in the order of the famous Pele 7 Kick up practise. Right foot, left foot, right knee, left knee, right shoulder, left shoulder then chest.

Fast feet test

How fast are your feet? 

Touch the ball with the inside and outside of one foot then the other as many times as you can in 30 seconds.

Practise with your strong foot, then weak foot then both.

Stepover test

Have you got the skills to pay the bills?

How many stepovers can you in 30 seconds?

Face the test and see if you can beat the rest

Volley Challenge

How good are you with both feet?

Can you master the volley challenge and keep the ball in the air while volleying it off the wall using right foot then left foot?

Test yourself and then send me your scores for our leaderboard

Kick up Numbers

Build your co-ordination and kick up skills as you try to master this challenge.

The bar as been set can you beat our coaches and get your name on the leaderboard

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