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1 Hour Training Session

This is a more intense and progressive training which will have a great benefit to you as a player. I have adapted the training to meet the needs of player who have the availability of all kinds of challenges in terms of equipment, space and ability. I will explain this in more detail:

Equipment - I have adapted a number of different training regimes for those blessed with access to large amounts of equipment likes goals, cones, agility ladders etc. While I also have training session aimed at those with little to no equipment.


Space - I appreciate there are some of you who have space for a whole football pitch in their garden while others maybe only have a small hallway to use.


Ability - Some of you are beginners looking to understand the fundamental aspects of footballing technique while others are seasoned players looking to achieve technical perfection. 


All of you I have managed to develop training plans which will allow you to realise your dreams. If there are things missing that you would like to work on, or challenges you have in practise that I haven't managed to allow for please let me know and I will work to ensure that any player from any background has the opportunity to get the guidance that will make them a superstar.

Here is my advice on implementing the training to make it most effective in fast forwarding your development as a player. If you want dramatic changes you need to be doing this 2-3 times a week. It can be hard to find the time and everything you will help but if you serious about improving as a player it needs to be every week. 2-3 times a week will help you see dramatic changes, 1 hour a week will be effective but you progress a lot slower but do what you everything you can do will help you in the long run.

Training inside in a small space

Passing Technique, Control and first Touch

You need 2 people for this training and it combines many different aspects of control and passing technique. There are many challenging parts to this that will challenge more advanced players but they are skills that are also accessible to beginners. It is a training that will really start to help you become technically excellent from your own home.

Dribbling and Ball mastery

If this is done properly and consistently I guarantee that you will find results that amplify your ability to evade defenders to new heights. 

It is also focused on skill acquisition, agility and feet speed with many progressive elements that will ensure your progression never stops.

Training in a small Garden

Passing Technique, first touch and control

You need 2 people for this training. Here we run through the key passing techniques in detail and applying them into situations where you need to build your skills of awareness and decision making. Mixed with games and high level control drills to help you really advance your technique.

Dribbling and Ball Mastery

We now have the time to really look at mastering key ball co-ordination skills, dribbling skills and how to use this in a game situation. 

We look at how to actual beat players, how to protect the ball and the ability to change direction quickly to be able to move through multiple players.

Shooting technique

You need 2 players for this training. This training encompasses a wide variety of different types of shooting technique and applies them in shooting situations while also carefully breaking it down to master the technique first. 

We look at low drilled shooting, whipped (curled) shooting and the 3 different types of volleys.

This is a very fun but challenging session which allows plenty of practise but allows constant repetition without getting boring.

Training in a Big garden

Passing Technique, 1st Touch and control

You need 2 players for this training. Here is a great mix of control and passing drills. All the skills are constantly adjustable to players of any ability. The control variations prepare you a game, while the passing variation will hone your all round game.

Within the session are all the technical skills you need to become a fantastic football player. 

Shooting, Dribbling and Ball Mastery

This training has a great mix of dribbling and shooting intertwined to allow you to practise dribbling skills while adding the end product of the shot to increase enjoyment and relevance. 

There are new shooting technique added to complement the other practised in other training with the continual focus on ball mastery mixed with excellent shooting technique.

Training in an Open Field

Passing and Shooting Technique

You need 2 people for this training. Here we start to really take advantage of the increased space available on an open field and if you have them near you using goals. 

Here you can really refine your technique on any dimensions you want for full game relevance and progression. Techniques like the chipped shot and lofted pass can be really used to their fullest extent and put into games and game situations.

Dribbling and Ball mastery

You need 2 people for this training. There are new drills added to really push your technique to the next level.


All ball mastery and control are taken to the next level to allow you really push yourself on. This is an intense training session which will make you really develop your dribbling ability to become more dynamic and successful. 

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