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Football Techniques

Instep Passing

Our Technique Videos



Here we have highlighted the key technical aspects of the game, with detailed, informative, instructional videos to help you reproduce the correct techniques.

Getting the correct technique is vital to being successful within the game. If you are a player who wants to excel, a coach who wants his team to develop their skills to the highest possible level, or a parent that wants to help their child become a better football player, these football techniques are the building blocks to everything. So make sure you can understand these basic techniques and are able to reproduce these consistently before you more through our advanced training plans designed to improve and refine these skills. 

The key techniques we have here are:

Passing - Low drilled pass, Instep pass, Lofted pass

Shooting - Whipped shot, low drilled shot, chipped shot

Control - Out of the air with feet, knee and chest, receiving the ball front and back foot

Dribbling - Dribbling co-ordination

Defending - Defensive body shape and individual defending technique

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