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Stepping up to look at Perfecting Technique

30 Minute Training Sessions

30 minute training

We are now starting to step up in the level of training in terms of the amount of progress you should be able to see. Remember however with everything progress depending on 2 factors; the intensity in which you take every training session and the technique you use. If you are struggling with any of the techniques go back to the start and look at the technique videos. Practising with the wrong technique could set you back a long way.

With the 30 minute training sessions you at least want to be practising twice a week with 4-5 times a week being the maximum. Like the other sessions these training sessions are designed to allow you to participate whatever your circumstances. So I have adapted the sessions for people who only have certain areas or environments they can use for their training from indoors in a small space, to a small garden to a large garden or even an open field. I have chosen 4 main areas to look at with some sessions maybe requiring a partner but I have provided sessions for those that don't have that also. The areas the training is specified around are passing technique, dribbling and ball mastery, control and first touch and shooting, choose the session that suits you best.

Training inside in a small area

Passing Technique

Passing technique is brought up to the next level looking at more advanced passing skills like volleys, hitting a bouncing ball and passing with different parts of the foot. 

This training is designed to make you a much more comfortable passer by building your co-ordination, balance and reaction to the ball in different situations.

Dribbling and Ball mastery

We are starting to really increase the development of your feet speed, your ability to change direction quickly and manipulate the ball in different ways. There are loads of skills practised aimed at increasing your ability to beat players and move the ball quickly in different directions with both feet. 

An intense training when done properly can be very tiring but also rewarding.

Control and 1st Touch

You require 2 people for this training and we start to focus on how you react to the ball when it comes at you in different ways. 

Controlling the ball in very difficult situations and under pressure, being able to kill the power in difficult passes and testing your co-ordination to a more advanced level.

Training in a small Garden

Passing Technique

This needs to be done with 2 players and starts really develop the level of time you dedicate to technical improvement. 

Here you can put a lot more time in to achieve technical excellence looking at passing in multiple ways and situations.

Dribbling and Ball mastery

The intensity of the session now really starts to increase with some tough new drills requiring a lot of effort, focus and dedication. If however you do put the time in you will start to see real tangible effects very quickly.

Here is your introduction among other things to a range of different skills to practise and perfect at home,

Control and 1st touch

This is packed session of different control variations for you to fully develop the full range of skills needed to really be able to use this in a game.

There is also lots of work on first touch and control from the floor to really build your ability to take passes with confidence and quality.


The first look at a range of shooting technique and how to practise them in a restricted space. We look at 2 key shooting techniques that will fully prepare you for scoring many goals.

This is a fun session; like shooting sessions normally are, designed to start developing really difficult techniques

Training in a Large Garden

Passing Technique

You need 2 players for this training. Looking at passing technique in real detail focusing on instep, low drilled, lofted, volleys and general passing co-ordination. 

This gives a real detailed focus on passing working towards making you a technical master.

Dribbling and ball mastery

A real key training session for turning dribbling skills into dynamic skills capable of beating players with real speed and intensity. 

The skills focused on aligned with the focus on speed with the ball should help to turn you all into players that can match drive and intensity with flair.

Control and 1st touch

This training needs 2 players. Within this training you cover all bases within control and first touch. 

Looking at control with all parts of the body, the ball over your head and coming to you at all different angles.

You also look at how you control balls that are passed into you at speed, bouncing or in the air to allow to react whatever kind of ball you receive in the game.


An introduction to the main shooting techniques used in a game. Using targets or a goal if you have one to help bring it into a more realistic situation and start to build the quality of your shooting.

With a larger garden you can start to develop a bit more power and looking for more difficult shooting situations with the added distance. 

Training in an Open Field

Passing Technique

In an open field you can really extend the distance and ground you can cover. Here we look at the key passing techniques, lofted and volleyed passing. 

Within this training your passing ability should really start to come to the fore. With the detailed session allowing multiple levels of passing progression.

Dribbling and Ball Mastery

Here we really start to focus on developing ball mastery. Going through the range of skills that form the foundations of dribbling. With added skills that start to really build your skill vocabulary to combat any opponent.  

There is also components of speed that can really add that extra dimensions to your dribbling. 

Control and 1st Touch

You need 2 players for this training. Here we look over all the vital components of bringing the ball under your control. Allowing you to develop the co-ordination and understanding of how to control the ball from the air to be able to master any situation. 

With the large spaces afforded to you in the open field environment you can really push your control to  the limit.


Shooting technique suits the open field best and you can be really allowed to let loose. With this training we look to really focus the low drilled and whipped shooting technique from practise in to shooting in a realistic situation. 

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