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Intense 10 minute training aimed at developing key techniques

10 Minute Training

10 minute Training

If you don't have the time to put a side a couple of hours a week we have designed some training programs that will take you only 10 minutes a day. The sessions have built in intensity and technical direction to enable you to develop with only 10 minutes a day. The sessions you can do easily at home in the morning, after school or any time during the day. There are now no excuses to do your best and give it your all. Follow along as best you can if you are finding the technique hard step back look at the football technique videos and then come back. Remember every exercise has to done with intensity and the correct technique. The different sessions that are available are focused on ball mastery, passing technique and 1st touch. These are also differentiated for working in a small space indoors, a small garden and a large garden. Choose what suits you and contact us if you want something else or if you have any questions

Training indoors in a very small space

Passing technique

An easy training to practise your instep and low drilled passing technique the two keys passes needed within the game.

This will make you comfortable passing with both feet and is very good for a beginner starting off to really start to get the feel of the technique which is the first step to really improving your weak foot. It is also a very useful tool to promote excellence in technique moving through the drills quicker if necessary, being able to pass with quality and consistency.

Ball Mastery

In this training we cover the key aspects of ball co-ordination and the building blocking of excellent dribbling technique. Working in a small area in this respect can be beneficial as it forces you to adjust and change direction quickly which are key components of dribbling.

This is intense but probably the easiest training to do inside where the space is not a restriction at all but in many ways a benefit.

Control and 1st touch

Another key part of producing classy, skilful players is having and excellent first touch. This training focuses on controlling the ball out of the air. Bringing the ball down in a small area while also looking at first touch to bring the ball under control.

Another training that works really well inside and you need very little space to do this.

Training in a small Garden

Passing technique

You need 2 people for this training. Here we build in the two most used and important passing techniques with a focus on mastering the instep and low drilled passing technique to give a really solid foundation to become a football technician. 

This is great for beginner but with its nature is a very important part of the game for players of all levels to practise.

Ball Mastery

Here we introduce the key parts of the dribbling skill to allow to change direction and start building or developing your skill vocabulary.


These are the real fundamentals of dribbling that you really need to get to be able to beat players and evade challenges. Developing the main parts of 90% of all dribbling.

Control and 1st touch

A great work out to focus on your control in a very easy 10 minute session format. You focus and develop all the key control aspects while adding additional challenges to make it more relevant to how you apply this in a game.

This is a quick focused session allowing you to constantly progress and develop your ability to bring a ball under control.

Training in a Big Garden Space

Passing Technique

This a detailed introduction to passing technique and co-ordination looking at developing your ability in key passing techniques but also moving quickly through multiple different passing drills that will everyone whatever their level. 

The drills will focus on building all round passing ability with both feet to allow you to pass out of any situation. 

Ball Mastery

This is a session that allows development of all the crucial components of ball mastery using the increased space to be able to open up the skills to make them more dynamic.

These are essential ball mastery skills that must be mastered to allow you to be successful with the ball at your feet.

Control and 1st Touch

This training compromises of all the main techniques needed to master control out of the air. Developing a range of situations designed to replicate those you would face in a game. 

An easy training to do on your own in your own garden to allow real noticeable change.

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