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Meet the Wall your best training partner

Wall Training

How to use a wall to achieve technical excellence.

We have split our training into beginner, advanced and expert level to allow you to choose the training that is right for you.

The wall is your best training tool. Nothing else is so easy to find, available at home, never gets tired, never complains, and allows you constant quality repetition.

The best players from George Best to Dennis Bergkamp and every player in between has used a wall to practise their skills. Don't get left behind try our training too.

Beginner -Passing 1

Beginner -Passing 2

Beginner Wall Passing

Beginner - Control

Beginner - 1st touch

Beginner - Ball Mastery 1

Beginner - Ball Mastery 2

Advanced - Passing 1

Advanced -Passing 2

Advanced Wall Passing

Advanced - Control

Advanced - 1st Touch

Advanced - Ball Mastery 1

Advanced Ball Mastery 2

Expert -Passing 1

Expert -Passing 2

Expert Wall Training

Expert - Control

Expert - 1st Touch

Expert - Ball Mastery 1

Expert - Ball Mastery 2

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