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A vital starters pack for coaches new and experienced offering stuff I use every game that has taken me many years to produce:


  • Substitutions rotas for every number of players you might have to ensure you are always prepared and able to give everyone an equal amount of time on the pitch
  • Match day stats recording sheet - So you can record every match vital contributions your players make to support your match analysis and ensure you can always highlight every players successes
  • Season stats recording database - 2 separate sheets of varying detail that record all the information from every game to ensure you can constantly refer back to your players statistics and provide brilliant data to look back on at the end of the year for the players to remember for the rest of their lives. For example their left footed goals scored, the assists they made, how many goal saving tackles and so on.
  • A highly detailed professional training refined through my 18 years of experience and trialled with professional and grassroots teams
  • A professional comprehensive warm up that will ensure your players are fully focused and raring to go every game

Coaches Pack - 11 a side

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