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Isolation Training Diary Week 1 

Football Training Diary

Day 1 - Tests

In our first session we had to run tests beforehand to have something to compare his progress against. You should do the same thing too. The tests are fun, quick and very important to common focus towards technical improvement.

Day 1 - Dribbling

Our first training focus is on our dribbling skills and developing that ability to beat players.

Day 2 - Passing

We look at developing all round passing technique to allow you to make short and long range passes with ease

Day 3 - Control

Focusing on developing first touch and control to bring the ball out of the air and take passes in your stride. 

Day 4 - Shooting

Improve your shooting to enable you to become a deadly goalscorer in games.

Day 5 - Dribbling

This is a skills based session looking at all the skills you need to beat players.

Day 6 - Game play

We look at the elements of game play to enable you to use your skills in a game situation. Also mixed in with game to add an element of fun to the week.

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