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Week 2 Lockdown Fitness

Football Fitness Training

Day 1 - Fitness tests

Start off the week by testing your football fitness levels with a number of football specific tests.

Day 1 - Agility

Improve your agility to allow you to escape opponents easily during a game.

Day 2 - Core

Looking at our core fitness levels and building up our core strength to support movements in the game.

Day 3 - Upper body

Having good upper body strength is a great attribute to allow you support yourself against challenges and be a much more difficult opponent to overcome.

Day 4 - Legs

This training is based around developing muscular strength and endurance in our leg muscles. Helping to give you more power when striking the ball and be able to produce high quality for longer.

Day 5 - Stamina

Develop you stamina so you keep going for the whole game. 

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